Humpback Song Realtime - Hemi​-​Sync reverberation


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Humpback whale song from Northern Pacific (Alaska).

This recording is almost normal speed so you will need really good speakers or headphones. Usually greater whales sing in a spectrum between 0-20 up to 100 hz making it almost impossible to record and replay the lowest and most powerful frequencies.

Most recordings available on the web as "whale songs" are actually 5x speed up recordings of the original sound.

The human ear cannot hear frequencies under 6-8 hz. In fact our bodies start slowly disintegrate below 8hz - if the sound is powerful enough.

When whales sing, they chant "gliding pitches", healing the vibrational environment (water the element of life.. and love!). In fact our planet is - like our physical human bodies - made out mostly of water. Covering 75% surface. A more accurate description of "Earth" would be "Water".

Because whales chant so powerful (around 140-170dB), the shear force of vibrational momentum is immense and far-reaching.

To give you an idea: A bluewhale chant in the colder lower layers of the pacific can be heard on the other side (half a globe) because the sound travels without abstractions and 4 times faster compared to land. It also means all whales are communicating if they wish to across all oceans like an oceanic internet.

Further it can be hypothesized that whales actually chant in symbiosis with the ethereal sounds of stars and galaxies. Fact is they actually "see in the dark" with their sonars already, and with their sonic sound impulses are able to feel and recreate all subtle cosmic vibrations.

Note how strangely these sounds, intricately are similar to the drone sounds that E.T.s and spaceships often are given in SciFi movies - is that connection just random? What do you think?


released December 31, 2013




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